Memorial Awards

Memorial Awards

The Temple University Memorial Awards are designed to recognize Undergraduate Temple University students for their outstanding academic, leadership and service achievements.

The Dean of Students Office coordinates the Memorial Awards process.  The following awards are available for students to apply to:

Application Process

We are no longer accepting applications. We will open the applications in December. 


PLEASE NOTE: Applications are not considered complete until all references have been received.


Awards for Consideration

Sol Feinstone Award:
The recipient of this award is honored for their participation in, leadership of, or personal accomplishment of constructive social and/or educational change inside or outside of the University community. This award is open to sophomores, juniors, and seniors.

Joel M. Schafer Award: 
The award honors a junior or senior who has demonstrated a commitment for a better society for all people through social action.

The Dorothy A. Seegers Memorial Award:
Awarded annually in honor of Dorothy A. Seegers, who made a significant contribution to Temple University from 1943 to 1979 as a student, employee, and administrator. The award is given to a full-time graduating senior who has demonstrated a concern for others and has shown dedication and loyalty to Temple University.

Adeline and Marvin Wachman Scholarship Fund: 
This fund was created to award a current freshman and sophomore who possess high academic achievement, significant participation and promise of leadership in co-curricular activities at Temple University. The third scholarship will be awarded to an incoming freshman that will be selected by the Admissions Office.

Valaida S. Walker Award: 
This award is presented to a student in good academic standing who demonstrates University leadership as well as service to the broader community. This award is open to current sophomores and juniors.

Whittaker Award: 
Awarded annually in honor of Raymond Whittaker, the director of Student Activities who helped Lewis Katz establish an entertainment and lecture series for students in the early 1960’s. This award is given to a full-time junior or senior who has demonstrated innovative and entrepreneurial leadership in furthering student activities to benefit students and the community. 

Jerry Zaslow Award: 
The award is presented to a student who has best demonstrated high academic achievement as well as well-rounded activity within the University and the community.

Questions about the Memorial Awards?

If you have any questions  please call 215-204-7188 or email