Dean’s Certification of Discipline for Transfer and Graduate Forms

Common Application/ Dean’s Certification/Transfer Forms

Instructions and Information

The Dean of Students Office frequently receives requests from students to complete Certification/Transfer forms for law schools, graduate schools, State Boards of Law Examiners, medical/veterinary school, etc.  These forms typically ask for certification of a student’s enrollment, academic standing, and disciplinary standing at Temple University. 

The following steps outline the process for submitting and completing these forms:

1.       Submit the Certification Form to the Dean of Students Office.  Each certification form should be accompanied by a stamped, pre-addressed envelope for each individual entity that you would like to receive the completed form.  For faster delivery by the U.S. Postal Service, the recipient’s address should be typed rather than handwritten, and should include the 9-digit ZIP code.  The Dean of Students Office will fax or email forms to the recipient school/entity if it is indicated that this is an acceptable way to receive the form.  Completed forms will not be mailed to or handed directly to students following processing.

2.       The Dean of Students Office will record your name, Temple ID number, phone number, and email address when you drop the form off.  This will allow us to reach you if there are questions as the certification is being completed. 

3.       The Dean of Students Office will complete the form by noting that all academic information can be verified by the student’s official transcript.  The Dean of Students works with the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards to complete the section of the form pertaining to student disciplinary records and disciplinary standing.

4.       Certification processing may require 3 business days.  You should submit your forms to the Dean of Students Office as soon as you receive the form.  We cannot assure you that we can meet the requisite deadlines of the entities to which you are applying, without at least a month’s notice.  Forms typically are completed by the Dean of Students Office within 3 business days of receipt, but time needs to be given for the United States Postal Service.  Forms will be completed in the order that they are received.  Please remember that the university is closed from December 24th until the first business day after January 1st and no forms will be processed during this time.



Q: Do I need to meet with the Dean of Students or any other university administrator in order to get my certification form processed?

A: No, there is no need to meet with the Dean or any other administrator.

Q: What forms/materials do I need to submit to the Dean of Students Office in order to have my form completed?

A: Students need to submit the certification form with all areas on the form that need to be filled in by the student completed.  Please include a list of schools/entities that are to receive the completed form with stamped, pre-addressed envelope(s).

Q: Will Temple accept a faxed or emailed certification form?

A: Yes. Temple will accept faxed or emailed forms as long as a signature is on all forms.  In addition, the stamped and pre-addressed envelope will need to be dropped off at the Dean of Students Office. 

Q: Will Temple email or fax the forms to the school for me?

A: If the school/entity receiving the form indicates that fax is an acceptable format for receiving the form the Dean of Students Office will fax or email the form.

Q: How will my forms be mailed to the institutions?

A: You may include a stamped, pre-addressed regular business-sized envelope for each form to be sent via the U.S. Postal Service.  NOTE: Temple does not pay for postage.

Q: Is there a certification form processing fee?

A: No, Temple does not charge for processing certification forms.

Q: If I have a disciplinary and/or academic probation record at Temple, what happens after the Dean of Students Office and/or Registrar’s Office checks the affirmative boxes on the certification forms?

A: For any affirmative responses to disciplinary questions, the Dean of Students Office must provide a letter of explanation to accompany the form.  Questions pertaining to academic standing are not directly addressed on the Certification Form.  The recipient of the form is directed to the official university transcript. 

Q: Will I have any input into the letter of explanation regarding my disciplinary record?

A: No. The Dean of Students Office will draft a standard response that includes the date of your student conduct hearing, a listing of the student conduct code violations that you were found responsible for violating, and a list of the sanctions that you received.  If you no longer have a record of your disciplinary case you can request a copy of the decision letter from your hearing from the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards.   

Q: Will I have any input into the information regarding my academic standing record?

A: The Registrar’s Office does not respond to academic standing questions on dean’s certification forms. The institution is directed to your official transcript.

Q: If no Dean’s Certification Form is provided by the school/entity to which I am applying, but some type of disciplinary clearance is required, what should I do?

A: Send a request for a clearance letter to the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards. Be sure to include with your request a stamped, pre-addressed envelope to the school/entity requiring the clearance, the instructions and/or a copy of the request from the school/entity, its name, and your contact information.

Q: The institution/entity to which I am applying claims that it did not receive my certification form. What should I do?

A: Contact the Dean of Students Office at (215) 204-7188 with any questions regarding when the form was mailed.  Please allow sufficient time for the processing and mailing of the form. 

Q: If I want to check the status of my certification forms, whom do I contact?

A: Contact the Dean of Students Office at (215) 204-7188 with any questions regarding the status of your form.