Information for Students Who Have or Currently Lived On Campus for Fall 2020

Scenario #1

If you are (1) living in housing, (2) are not relocating, and (3) are registered to vote, no further action is needed. 

Please note that the Liacouras Center will be open as an early voting site should you wish to update your registration address to a campus address.  ID needed to vote in PA can be found here.


Scenario #2

If you (1) live in University Housing, (2) are not relocating, but (3) have not yet registered to vote, you may do so using or the registration links for other states found on  You will also be able to register at the Liacouras Center beginning Tuesday, September 29th.  ID needed to vote in PA can be found here.


Scenario #3

If you (1) were in University Housing, (2) were registered to vote, and (3) have since moved out of University Housing:

1.     Please be sure to update your current address.  A state-by-state guide with registration update links is available here.

2.     If you had already requested a mail-in ballot, please be sure that you track the status of that request with your county’s election office.  Some states have already mailed ballots.  If that is the case, you will need to obtain guidance on how to proceed based on your state’s rules.  Contact information for each state or county office is available here.  Pennsylvania will begin mailing ballots very soon, so update addresses immediately!!


Scenario #4

If you (1) live in housing, (2) have registered with a campus address, but (3) have relocated to a new room:

1.     Update your address using

2.     If you have not yet requested a mail-in ballot but would like one, please consider the following options:

a.      Wait until you have your new address confirmed before requesting it here.

b.      Utilize the Liacouras Center as a satellite elections office beginning Tuesday, September 29th.  You will be able to request, print, and complete the ballot using the early voting process.


Additional guidance can be found here, but you are welcome to email with any individual questions.