Memorial Awards

Application Process

The components of the application are: 

Student Information

Temple and Community Volunteer Experience (Can submit up to three experiences)

Paid Work Experience (Can submit up to three experiences)

Publications and Exhibitions (Can submit up to three experiences)

Honors and Awards (Can submit up to three experiences)



Applicants must submit 2 letters of recommendation. Please notify your recommenders of the award(s) you are applying for and have them fill out the recommendation form.

*Note: Your application is NOT considered complete until all letters of recommendation are received.

Your references do not need to be people who work at Temple. Mentors, employers, professors, etc. outside of Temple can be used as references as well.

Please send the person submitting the letter this link -

Essay Question for each award you are applying to 

Jerry Zaslow Award

Write ONE essay to answer ALL of the following Questions:
1. What skills do you have that helps you to achieve? 
2. What activities do you participate in and how do they help to make you a better person? 
3. How do you think your education and involvement in different activities will help you to better the future?

Please limit your essay to 500 words or less.


Whittaker Award

Write ONE essay to answer ALL the following questions:
1. How have your entrepreneurial skills and innovative leadership impacted the students and community?
2. What are some of your innovative ideas to benefit student life on campus?
3. How would you go about implementing this or these ideas into Temple's campus?

Please limit your essay to no more than 1000 words.



If you have any questions  please call 215-204-7188 or email