Parent & Family Association

The Parliament


Temple University’s Parent and Family Association, The Parliament, intensifies and improves the student experience by providing parents and family members a network of support. The Parliament serves as a connection to the University and provides parents and family members with education and communication, involvement and networking, and development opportunities. 

Functional Areas

Education and Communication

The Parliament facilitates communication among students, parents and family members, and University administrators in order to ensure that parents and family members have access to timely and accurate information. Additionally, the Parliament acts as a vehicle through which parents and family members can ask questions and communicate concerns. Some of these avenues include social media and our Parents and Family Newsletter.

Involvement and Networking

The Parliament provides opportunities for parents and family members to engage with the campus community and one another by participating in campus events including New Student Orientation, Move-In, Welcome Week, and Parents and Family Weekend, as well as future initiatives and programs.


The Parliament works with the University to provide opportunities for parents and family members to invest in and give back to the institution through volunteer opportunities or financial contributions that support and advance the University in a variety of ways.

Interested in Getting Involved?

  1. Email indicating which area(s) you may be interested in learning more about or working to develop in the future.
  2. The office will be reaching out to the respective individuals within the specified interest areas to schedule telephone or in person meetings to learn more about your thoughts on moving forward.
  3. Individual committees will be created for the respective functional areas to facilitate working groups to develop goals on advancing the association.
  4. Association meetings will be schedule to continue the growth and development of the group.