Concerned About a Student?

If you are concerned about a student, you can refer them to the CARE Team

If you have a referral, please contact:

Associate Dean of Students

Rachael Stark

(215) 204-7188

If it is an emergency, please contact:

Temple University Campus Safety Services 

(215) 204-1234 (off campus)

1-1234 (on campus)

The CARE team recommends, if you feel safe doing so, expressing your concern directly to the student.  You could also offer to walk the student to Tuttleman Counseling Services, if appropriate.

For students who are concerned about the behaviors of their peers, there are several student-specific options: 

  • Make a report to an RA in the Residence Hall

  • Call the Tuttleman Counseling Services for guidance

  • Notify faculty, advisors, coaches, student affairs professionals

  • Consult with mentors