Dean’s Certification for Transfer and Graduate Forms

Common Application/ Dean’s Certification/Transfer Forms

Instructions and Information

The Dean of Students Office frequently receives requests from students to complete Certification/Transfer forms for law schools, graduate schools, State Boards of Law Examiners, medical/veterinary school, etc.  These forms typically ask for certification of a student’s enrollment, academic standing, and disciplinary standing at Temple University. 

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Q: Do I need to meet with the Dean of Students or any other university administrator in order to get my certification form processed?

A: No, forms are accepted and processed exclusively online. Please make sure to fill out your section of the form and sign where/if indicated. 

Q: Can I fax or email a certification form?

A: We will accept emailed forms. We do not accept faxes. 

Q: How will the certification form be delivered to the institutions?

A: Your forms will be electronically submitted via email to each college/university you request. 

Q: Is there a certification form processing fee?

A: No.

Q: If I have a disciplinary and/or academic probation record at Temple, what happens?

A: For any affirmative responses to disciplinary questions, the Dean of Students Office must provide a letter of explanation to accompany the form. Questions pertaining to academic standing may be addressed on the Certification Form and also via the official university transcript. 

Q: Will I have any input into the letter of explanation regarding my disciplinary record?

A: No. The Dean of Students Office will draft a response that includes the date(s) of your student conduct hearing(s), a listing of the student conduct code violation(s) you were found responsible for violating, and the sanction(s) that you received.  

Q: Will I have any input into the information regarding my academic standing?

A: Your transcript will reflect your academic standing.

Q: If no Dean’s Certification Form is provided by the school/entity to which I am applying, but some type of disciplinary clearance is required, what should I do?

A: Almost every institution will accept the Common App College Report.  In general, we do not create an individual disciplinary clearance letter.

Q: The institution/entity to which I am applying claims that it did not receive my certification form. What should I do?

A: Contact the Dean of Students Office at with any questions regarding when the form was emailed. 

Q: If I want to check the status of my certification forms, whom do I contact?

A: Email the Dean of Students Office at