Student Commencement Speaker Competition

Interested in being the 2018 Commencement Speaker?

Applications are now available from your School or College Dean’s office, the Student Center on Main Campus and the Student Activities Offices on the Ambler and Health Science Campuses. 

Each School/College Dean may nominate one undergraduate student and must submit a letter of endorsement with the application. The student will be required to audition before the Student Commencement Speaker Selection Committee.

Applications are due to your school/college by: January 22, 2018

About the Process

The Student Commencement Speaker is a proud tradition of Temple University. During the spring semester a graduating senior is selected to address all graduates at the Main Campus University Commencement Exercises. The honor is among the highest distinctions a student can receive.

The Student Commencement Speaker will be selected based on the following criteria:

1. Graduating Senior (August 2017, January 2018, or May 2018) with a minimum GPA of 3.00.

2. Is a representative of the graduating class who has made a constructive social and/or educational impact on the Temple University community.

3. Is well spoken and able to capture the celebration of this capstone event within the time allowed (2-3 minutes).

Application Process

The Applicant must:

1. Complete the application form.

2. Submit a written proposed 2-3 minute speech.

3. Submit a one-page personal statement. Provide information about yourself (academic awards, membership in student organizations & honor societies, community service & involvement, career goals) as well as your reason for wishing to represent your class as the Student Commencement Speaker.

4. Submit a resume.

5. Include two letters of recommendation (e.g., dean, professors, employers and/or community service representatives). The letters of recommendation must reflect the applicant’s strongest qualities.

The contacts for each School and College are below. You are to submit all material to the appropriate person. 

Selected applicants will be required to present their speeches to the Student Commencement Speaker Selection Committee.

Once chosen, the student speaker will work with the Office of the Dean of Students to rehearse the speech in preparation for Commencement.