Temple Family Council

Temple Family Council 

The Temple Family Council is a group of diverse, highly dedicated Temple family members who volunteer their time and knowledge to enhance the Temple student and family experience.


  • Contribute to shaping the parent and family experience at Temple University. 
  • Foster communication between the University and Temple families.
  • Provide strategic input to university administration regarding topics and issues of importance to parents and families.
  • Provide programmatic support serving as volunteers, as needed, at events such as Parent & Family Orientation and Parent & Family Weekend.
  • Provide mentorship for family members of first-year students.
  • Serve as a regional representative of Temple in your area by acting as a contact person and building relationships with family members in your area.
  • Assist in fundraising efforts in support of  Parent & Family Programs.
  • Serve on one of three committees.

Eligibility Requirements and Expectations:

  • Must be a family member of a current Temple undergraduate student.
  • Must be willing to serve on the council for at least one academic year.
  • Attend two on-campus meetings per academic year, one of which will be held during Parent & Family Weekend and the other will occur during mid-spring semester.
  • Participate in scheduled conference calls with Parent & Family Program Coordinator.
  • Write at least three article per academic year  for the Parent & Family Portal per year.

Three Committees: 


  • Facilitates communication among students, parents and family members, and University administrators in order to ensure that parents and family members have access to timely and accurate information.


  • Creates opportunities for parents and family members to engage with the campus community and one another by participating in campus events. 


  • Works with the University and other parents and family members to provide fundraising opportunities, such as the Family Fund Silent Auction held during Homecoming, in order to support and advance the University in a variety of ways.

Applications occur at the beginning of every fall semester! 

Questions? Email Brandy M. Jericho-Beach, Parent & Family Program Coordinator at parents@temple.edu