How to Allow Proxy Access

Proxy Access

As a Temple University student, you can grant others permission to access certain components of your information in Self Service Banner. This is called granting “proxy access,” and you refer to the other person as your “proxy.”

Students commonly grant parents, guardians, or spouses proxy access to their personal information.  You can set up multiple proxies, granting each different access depending upon who they are.  Proxies access records using their e-mail address, so you must know the e-mail address of the person you wish to grant access.

To set up Proxy Access:

  1. Log in to TUportal using your AccessNet username and password.
  2. Select the Self-Service Banner link under TUAPPLICATIONS.
  3. Select the STUDENT menu tab.
  4. Select the FERPA Waivers menu item and then select the link for Proxy Access.
  5. Select Add Proxy.
  6. Read the FERPA Waiver Information and make sure that you understand the implications and responsibility of granting proxy access to your information.  This does not replace the FERPA Contact Waiver.
  7. Read the Instructions to Add a New Proxy and then add the data needed to grant access to the Proxy.
    • Enter the First Name and Last Name of the Proxy.
    • Enter the E-mail Address of the Proxy.  This along with a self-assigned PIN will be their credentials for accessing the Temple University Proxy Access System.
    • Verify the E-mail Address of the Proxy by entering the information again.
    • Confirm that you wish to add this person by clicking the Add Proxy button at the bottom of the page.

      Next, define the Proxy Profile:

      1. On the Proxy Management self-service page, select the line that says Expand (Proxy Name)

      2. Complete the Profile Tab.  If you don’t, you will not be able to authorize any access for the proxy.  Please note:

        • You must select “Family Member” from the Relationship drop-down.
        • Enter a Description to describe this “Family Member” (i.e., Dad, Mom, brother, guardian, etc.).
        • Set the Start Date and Stop Date for access.  These dates allow you the ability to control the duration your Proxy is able to view your information.  You can change the default dates listed.
      3. The person you just added will receive an e-mail from with the Subject Line of “Welcome to Temple University's Proxy Access System” providing them with instructions to establish their PIN and complete their account profile.  You will also receive a copy of this e‑mail in your TUmail account.

      Finally, complete the Authorization tab to define the proxy’s access:

      1. When you select the Authorization tab, you will see all the access that you can extend to your proxy. You can grant item-by-item access, or you can select the main check boxes next to the major categories to grant access to all items in each category (for example, you can grant access to all Personal Information items by selecting the check box next to Personal Information Pages).

      2. After you have checked all the items to which your proxy should have access, select the E-Mail Authorizations icon to the right. This will generate an e‑mail to your proxy indicating to what information you have granted access.

      Two additional tabs appear to the right of the Authorization tab. 

      • The History tab is a list of the history of your authorizations for this Proxy (newest to oldest).
      • The Communication tab is a list of all Proxy Access communications sent to the Proxy (newest to oldest).